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everybody dances to their own boom boom.

I am the (cast of Skins) of LiveJournal.
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Skins Claiming Community.
Welcome to iam_skins, where you can claim the cast/characters of the E4 series Skins. Join and submit your claim so you can be the _____ of LiveJournal. See the rules for more information.
o1. one claim per person. also, check the claims list before placing your claim.

o2. you can claim the actor/actress OR the fictional character from Skins. All 3 series are game.

o3. don't whine or complain if someone has taken the person you wanted to claim. big deal.

o4. when posting, title your post "Let me tell you..." and in the body put "I am the -insert character/actor/actress- of LiveJournal." it should look like this. Your post should also include the appropriate tags (series, actor/actress or character, etc.) Look at other posts examples to figure out how to tag yours.

o5. if your journal becomes inactive (no posts in the space of three months) your claim may be taken by another user. If you do not remain a member of this community (you don't need to watch it, just stay a member) your claim can be taken by another user.

o6. Please link to us in your profile. Feel free to make your own graphics, state it however you want, as long as it is linked back to your post where you made your claim.
profile codes from xplastique @ lj